If you use this service, could you please send us a mail to npsang@ibcp.fr with details about your usage of the NPSA service (tools used, frequency, type of sequence, ..) ? Could you explain what makes this service unique for you ? Could you please add information about your country and your laboratory ? Thanks

Upload a database

You can upload your own sequence databank from your computer to NPS@.

Availability in NPS@
Database upload is available at URL : https://npsa-prabi.ibcp.fr/NPSA/npsa_uploadfile.html.

Database format
The database must be in FASTA/Pearson or FASTA/Pearson double pipe format.
The protein sequence databank size is limited to 5,000,000 characters.
The nucleic sequence databank size is limited to 15,000,000 characters.
The uploading could be slow because of the network and because we do some checks on the database (e.g. it takes 5'45 minutes to load a database of 6518 sequences which represent 2,040,029 characters).

What can you do when your database is uploaded ?
You can apply NPS@ methods on it.

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