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A brief introduction to MLRC
MLRC (Multivariate Linear Regression Combination) is a secondary structure prediction method which combines GOR4, SIMPA96 and SOPMA. It post-processes the outputs of protein secondary structure prediction methods and generates class posterior probability estimates. Experimental results establish that it can increase the recognition rate of methods that provide inhomogeneous scores, even if their individual prediction successes are largely different
Warning : It can take up to 5 minutes to compute MLRC for a sequence (1'11 minute for RBTR_KLEAE (270 aa) and 4'55 minutes for MDR3_HUMAN (1270 aa) ). So, be careful when using it in alignment (the total computing time can't be above 3 hours on NPS@).
NPS@ is the orginal server for this method.

Availability in NPS@
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NPS@ MLRC output example
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