If you use this service, could you please send us a mail to npsang@ibcp.fr with details about your usage of the NPSA service (tools used, frequency, type of sequence, ..) ? Could you explain what makes this service unique for you ? Could you please add information about your country and your laboratory ? Thanks

Software facilities to analyse NPS@ data

What is it ?
Data obtained on NPS@ web server can be viewed, analyzed, printed, etc. on your computer, even after closing Internet connection. This can be done with the softwares we developped: AnTheProt [PC], and MPSA [UNIX-Linux, Macintosh and soon PC]. You can find below how to configure your web browser to support NPS@ data viewing and how to get these data from NPS@ result pages.

Configuring your web browser
First, you have to download AnTheProt or download MPSA, as you like. Then, set the preferences of your web browser, as it is explained for AnTheProt, or MPSA.

Getting data from NPS@ web server
You can download NPS@ data if the result page have the following line:

Click on hypertext links to :
  1. MPSA (Mac, UNIX) : get data and view them in MPSA
  2. About... : MPSA homepage, include how to download MPSA, MPSA on-line help, etc.
  3. AnTheProt (PC) : get data and view them in AnTheProt
  4. Download... : AnTheProt binary download page
  5. HELP : open this help page.

The yellow arrow shiw you that by clicking on AnTheProt link you can load an alignement in AnTheProt.You can do the same thing with MPSA (with MPSA secondary structure predictions are also downloaded).

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